DVB-C Meter

Deviser DVB-C Meter C-30


C30 DVB-C Meter is specially designed for installation and field
technicians seeking to quickly ensure the quality of digital and analog
cable services. With streamlined appearance design and simple user
interface, C30 offers the most cost effective choice for a variety of

Key Features

1. Analog TV Analysis: Level, Tilt, C/N, Scan and Trunk Voltage

2. Digital TV Analysis: Power Level, MER and BER

3. 128×64 pixels LCD with back-light

4. Large lithium battery capacity, over 4 hours working time

5. Software upgrade and channel plan edit via USB interface


Deviser DVB-C Meter C-30+

C-30-Plus-dB MeterThe C30 Plus DVB-C & Optical Power Meter is specially designed for
installing, maintaining, and verifying digital and analog cable service.
This high-accuracy optical power meter offers 7 wavelengths and
reference values. With its streamlined, lightweight design and userfriendly
interface, the C30 Plus offers the modern field technician
optimum cost-performance for numerous applications.

The C30 Plus supports cable TV analysis, with digital measurements
such as Power Level, MER, and BER. It also functions as a signal level
meter for CATV applications, featuring channel video level, video-to audio
level, C/N, full scan,tilt, and other modes.

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