• With sophisticated circuit structure, compact, full-featured, easy to operate. Installation dimension: 235×166×76.5mm.
  • Modular, integrated device. Flexibility for many types of aircraft conversion and data exchange.
  • Each module data switching adopts the backplane switching mode, network operations management and EOC technologies separation, different EOC solution to achieve the same modulation and demodulation functions.
  • Beautiful craft, high reliability, convenient for installation and maintenance
  • EOC embedded software to improve optimization, multi-module optical nodes under centralized management, the relative independence WEB interface procedures and background CGI programs using standard interfaces, command line console automatically aligned, automatically improve the reality of human- machine operation experience by lower sub-commands.
  • High quality and efficient switching power supply, has a perfect anti- surge (overvoltage) and under voltage protection, so that machine reliability is greatly improved.
  • Receiving optical power display, EQ settings, RF attenuation setting, on-site maintenance and inspection is easy and intuitive;
  • Internal EOC signal inserter, insertion loss is less than 1 dB, high reliability
  • Intelligent management with full compliance with national standards network transponders, with the head-end network management software, you can remotely manage optical networks base;
  • Product is adaptive to continuous work in different environment during -250 ~+550.
  • Specification