EM15 is the headend equipments of the cable TV bandwidth data access part, it backups one-way cable TV input port and one combined output port of the IP data and 4 CATV, with an optical fiber Ethernet interfaces (or RJ45 interface), separated 220V power supply. The other specials features are as the followings:

  • 1. EM15 designed to break the traditional design ideas, its unique circuitry and structural design, modular design approach can be flexibly according to the end-user case, select Dual input, output or single input and output. Meet the needs of different communities and users (each EM15 with up to 64 users). It’s easy to repair and configuration, provides users with a very user-friendly operation platform.
  • 2. The product uses an advanced waterproof, lightning protection measures, the product can weather the harsh environment of stable and reliable operation..
  • 3. High quality and efficient external power adapter, through the national 3C certification, with excellent safety and electromagnetic compatibility, and perfect anti-surge protection, so that greatly improve the reliability of the machine; while reducing the power consumption and prolong equipment life.
  • 4. The new design, both for strand lifting, and suitably box installed; excellent cooling capacity, large user operating platform, making the project installation and commissioning easy.
  • 5. With NMS that full compliance with national standard, with the headend network management software, you can remote manage EM15 data access master and each user terminal
  • Performance